How To Measure Carpet Perfectly For Your Home


As you start taking your first steps towards finding a carpet that works for you, it’s helpful to have a rough idea of how much space you’re covering, and how to measure carpet.

Having this information will help you calculate rough cost of the carpet, underlay and help you know how much carpet you need.

Remember this is a guide, it’s not make or break; we will measure your room accurately and tell you exactly how much carpet, accessories and fitting will be.

It’s worth noting that generally, you’ll need around 5-10% extra to ensure you have enough, and to perfectly cover everything. Accidents happen, be prepared for them with your extra coverage!

How to measure carpet for your rooms

  1. First, it can help to draw out a simple diagram of your room/house, it doesn’t have to be accurate, just enough to note down your measurements and understand them.
  2. Use a tape measure to get the width and length of your room, skirting board to skirting board. Try to measure it at the longest and widest parts of the room.
  3. Work out the square metres of the area you measured – multiply the width and length by each other e.g. 6m by 5m, you’ll need 30 square metres – and there you have it! 

For rough measuring, it’s worth noting these quick tips to ease the process of learning how to measure carpet further:

  1. If you have chimney breasts, fireplaces, or alcoves, pretend they aren’t there. The carpet will be cut around them in the final product, but for home carpet measuring, it’s easier to get an idea without them.
  2. If your room is shaped, figure out the square metres as if it were a perfect rectangle. Learning how to measure carpet is much easier if the shapes are simple!
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How to measure carpet for stairs

If you’re wanting to get new carpet for your stairs, it can feel very overwhelming and complicated. In actual fact, it’s pretty simple!

Learning how to measure carpet for stairs is very similar, a few small measurements, and you’ll have your amount in no time:

  1. Measure the height and depth of your stairs (front to back). Those are the rise and tread.
  2. Add the rise and tread together; that’s the amount of carpet you’ll need for one step.
  3. Then, multiply that final number by how many stairs you have.
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Ta-da! With that, you’re good to go.

Don’t worry about the specifics, that’s where we come in. We will be able to get a more in depth, specific look at how much carpet you’ll need, so don’t fret.